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National Jazz day

Here’s a great informal pic by Julian Nichols, taken outside the Premises studios day 3 of rehearsals, posted on Facebook. A brief moment to relax and catch up after playing through the whole LT pad, plus the additional newly commissioned pieces by jazz on 3. My head is beginning to spin a little, if not by the music then by the original members ability to effortlessly pick up where they left off 24 years ago. Village (CB) – just brilliant. What a great way to spend national jazz day.
Where’s Ashley Slater asks Scarlett Quinn. Probably on Facebook to his missus comes the reply from Julian.


Loose Tubes

The second day of rehearsal was tough but exhilarating. On closer study I found myself admiring the music copying. Here’s a bass trombone excerpt from Sweet William (DB). It’s pretty much like this all through the 200 bars or so (only 4 bars rest .. you higher brass synics). Thing is, it’s all done in pen and not ONE MISTAKE! 21 parts. Those of you who have never known life without Sibelius (and a copying department to boot), think yourself very lucky indeed.