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West Terschelling


Terschelling Flag

We finally reach the Island of Terschelling. One of the five inhabited Dutch Wadden (or Frisian) Islands situated on the northern coast of the Netherlands.

Once know for its fishing community it now boasts agriculture and increasingly tourism as a main economy with its 30k of sandy beaches and the famous Oerol summer festival. More importantly though it boasts one of the most important nature reserves in northwest Europe. The Wadden sea (one of the largest wetlands in the world) has now been added to the World Heritage list. But enough already go to the official sites to brush up on plant and animal species here and Terschelling information.

Our stay here was on the boat ‘Ortolan’ 1897 docked in West Terschelling for 3 days. Three people to a cabin it didn’t feel that cramped. Probably due to the well stocked communal birth.

IMG_4040 Ortolan


Yo ho ho….

Keeping up with the Kobo town impromtu performances we did a 15 minute set aboard the ‘Noord Star’ ship during their evening caberat.



We had two great gigs on the island. One at close to midnight, the other during the day.

The stage Oerol De Kooi

Traveling to Terschelling, Holland.

Another 10 hour drive north from Paris to Harlingen. Here we will catch a ferry to the Island Terschelling, for the Oerol festival.

A perpetual search for wifi!

richard henry with Kobo Town

Quick free wifi!!


Kobo Town and Me.

Richard Henry with Kobo Town

Robi, me, Jan, Don,Drew and Cesco.

The 2 hour ferry journey was made more memorable with an impromptu performance of Rum and Coco cola. (click on the picture)


Kobo town




After a huge drive from Erlangen Germany, we arrive in Frick, Switzerland. This hotel was a very welcome sight.

The Hotel Adler

Kobo town arrive at Hotel Adler

Hotel Adler

Magnificent view from hotel bedroom

Trombone still life

A bit of art


Jan, Rob, Cesco and Drew

Jan, Rob, Cesco and Drew

Kobo Town and friends

Kobo Town and friends


Meck a Frick Switzerland

Absolutely killing time here. Audience was spectacular! Made to feel very welcome. What was bizarre was as soon as we began to play it down poured with rain. Show over me thinks (outdoor gig). But no the Swiss just carried on partying in the rain. It must have charmed the rain gods because as suddenly as it started it stopped.



Then after the gig they brought out 100s of these bite size cakes for everyone to share. Such a nice jester.



Richard Henry trombone


After an abortive journey to France I finally arrive in Erlangen Germany. During the melee of the French airport ground staff strike and the railway strike I quickly came to the conclusion I had to fly to germany to meet the rest of the band. A flight to Nuremberg seemed the answer and google maps confirmed this. Its no consolation as I missed the gig in France, but it did mean I avoided the 16 hour drive the rest of the band did from Toulous France. Ouch!. Their pay back mind, was waking me at 4am in the morning to grab their room keys!!. Worse still they couldn’t find the building so a semi naked sleepy stroll in the early morning fresh air was necessary to meet them.

Kobo Town bill board @ E Werk Festival Erlangen


Richard Henry trombone

Getting to France

Hacked off that’s what is on my mind. After being up since 4:30am, travelling in vain to heathrow, which could have been avoided had British Airways had the curtesy to let their passengers or travel agents know they were going to cancel flights to France today. (I did check yesterday!) Just 1 hours notice would have made all the difference. Instead, a mad dash ensued to St Pancras and yet more disappointment. Getting to Paris by train was no problem (at an exorbitant cost). But with a French rail strike due to start this evening I would not have made my destination and have been stranded in mid France. So I’ve now had the pleasure of courting Ryanair for a flight to Nuremburg (don’t ask) and PAYING to put instruments in the hold, nice one guys. I did give British Airways another chance prior to that, but whilst booking a flight, the price mysteriously doubled!!! Wt? Good day all (or night) I’m going to cry myself to sleep now.