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Robin Eubanks and Ode to the Human Spirit

Robin Eubanks trombone photo

Ode to the Human Spirit 2015

Human Revolution Orchestra.
Playing a special concert as part of the UNESCO world Jazz day.

We have been rehearsing hard and we are so looking forward to tomorrow nights gig Thur 30th April at the Union Chapel London, doors 7pm. Its such an honour to be able to play with the incredible musician that is Robin Eubanks. Absolutety jaw dropping beautiful ‘tromboning’ and not forgetting all the other wonderful musicians taking part. If you have a ticket for tomorrow you are in for a real treat. Well done also to Sean Corby for realising this.



After a huge drive from Erlangen Germany, we arrive in Frick, Switzerland. This hotel was a very welcome sight.

The Hotel Adler

Kobo town arrive at Hotel Adler

Hotel Adler

Magnificent view from hotel bedroom

Trombone still life

A bit of art


Jan, Rob, Cesco and Drew

Jan, Rob, Cesco and Drew

Kobo Town and friends

Kobo Town and friends